My Doula Teacher

Today let's talk about my doula story. My doula teacher was from America but her residence in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Her name Aisha Al Hajjar, BSM, CPM, LM. She's married to abu haidar who accompany her traveling around the world to teach the women about doula under Amani birth.

Sister Aisha teach us how to become a child birth educator and doula in 3 days. full day from morning to evening. such a nice class with interactive activity. From Semarang, Amani birth still had another class round Indonesia. SO, actually i have doula colleague from lots of city in Indonesia. In whatsapp group, we're gathered together lead by sister dea and sister ari. yes, we are all sister connect by doula blood :smile:

Sister Aisha gave not just theoretical material but we learned from video and explanation from mannequin. Amazing video about childbirth, stay in one special folder which is i will show it to my Child birth education class attendant. and the mannequin, helps the student understanding much. it showed how the pelvic condition in variety labor position, especially to show the differences between litotomi position with squatting, crawling position.

what a nice experience about

May be in some other time, in sya Allah i will meet her again. An Indonesia Amani reunion may be :smile:

Jazakillah khair sister Aisha

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  1. Asalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu, what a blessing to see your post. :) May Allah reward your efforts and I hope to see you on our next Indonesia visit!


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